Martin updates the sales process for the modern mobile world

The Martin Application helps salespeople like you to manage your leads from your phone. It is designed to make leads more visible, easier to contact and simpler to update. You’ll be able to act faster, maintain control over your leads, and improve your conversion to sales.

No more feeding desk bound CRMs with data you never see the benefit of. Martin feeds you leads and acts like a valet to help you make contact and manage outcomes. You can focus on closing deals.

The name “Martin”

Martin Cooper is a visionary American engineer and the inventor of the mobile phone. Cooper not only had the smarts to conceive of the technology but also to win the support of Motorola who backed him with $100 million in funding and stayed the course for 20 years as he commercialized the phone. With a flair for drama, Cooper famously made the first public handheld cellular phone-call when during a press briefing he stepped out onto Sixth Avenue to dial his chief competitor at AT&T. We share his commitment to mobility and have named our app Martin in homage to him.