Managing Actions NEW

With the outcome captured, its now time to think about next steps. Martin requires you always have at least one live action, so that the lead is followed up. If you have any actions already set up, now’s the time to revisit them and decide if they’re still required. Martin will then offer to create a new action from a range of options. This ensures contact is maintained with the client going forwards.

1. Manage Pending Actions

  • After capturing an outcome
  • Shows any “Pending actions”
  • You can Keep or Close them
    • A complete action may negate the need for other planned actions
    • In this example – I’ve spoke to client and no longer need to get a reply to my SMS
    • Can’t close calls / meetings that are complete

2. Create New Actions

  • If there is no pending action
    • You are required to set a new action
  • If there is a pending action,
    • You’re not required to set a new action
    • You may elect to create a new action  
  • Choose actions from list
    • You can set future actions – call or meeting 
    • Trigger an action now – SMS (email to come) 
    • Create a due date for an email/SMS sent outside Martin 

3. Manage Actions From Lead View

After you’ve saved the outcome and any next actions and you exit from the workflow, you have another way to access the ending actions and make changes.

All pending actions are shown in the Lead View and can be accessed from there. Simply:

  • Open the lead
  • Select “Manage” from beside the action
  • Make the necessary changes. If its:
    • A call – you can change the time of the next call (except the first call which is automated)
    • A meeting – change any item – from time and place to meeting format – site meeting vs Zoom
  • You cannot manage a past event – to close it out, you’ll need to capture the event outcome